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Both on CNN yesterday and on NRO today, I wrote that Walter Mondale had supported private accounts for Social Security and an increase in the retirement age. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Mondale served on a commission that supported both policies, but he himself signed a vigorous dissent from the report, which you can read at the bottom of this link. I was working off a misleading AP story (as cited in my NRO article) and a too-cursory glance at the commission’s report (using a link that neither mentioned nor included the dissent). I should have known it was too good to be true.

I learned about my mistake by reading the American Prospect’s weblog. I thank TAP for the correction, although not for the accusation that I have “lied, pure and simple.” TAP, in fact, knows that I was not lying in the sense of intentionally spreading a falsehood, since in the very next sentence it suggests that I should have done more research instead of “reading the RNC talking points.” Which means that their characteristically overheated rhetoric is more dishonest than anything I wrote.