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From Drudge: Executives Plan Wednesday Meet To Discuss Canceling Low-rated David E. Kelley GIRLS CLUB on FOX… Developing…

If Girls Club was remotely interesting, there would be Time magazine covers about it. Three twentysomething gorgeous lawyers who make their way in the mostly male waters of a San Fran law firm. In two episodes, a man on trial for rape killed himself accidentally while gratifying himself as he obsessed about blonde lawyer girl, too-much-makeup-girl gets sexually harassed, sorta, maybe (and makes an idiot of herself), brunette with glasses girl is dating a guy the other girls think is gay; as if a theme, she accuses her office nemesis of being a “dyke” for stealing her ideas. And that’s about the show. They whine to each other about how hard their little lives are. If this were a statement on “where women are” or “what women want,” we’d have some serious societal rethinking to do. Luckily it may be gone before Time gets a free cover.