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Election ’02 Flash Better Minnesota Spin


A Minnesotan e-mails: I just read your post about Coleman and the poll that just came out – do not believe it. There is huge backlash already taking place after last night’s fiasco. If Mondale’s lead is only 8 after 5 days of Wellstone tributes this race is going to be a coin flip. Coleman is just playing the part of the wronged candidate.

The radio stations are just on fire this morning with complaints about the tackiness and unfairness of the service and coverage of it. The media outlets feel totally burned and now either look foolish or partisan (when they are both in reality). People are calling in demanding equal time for the other parties and station managers are lamely trying to explain themselves. Jesse Ventura and his wife got up and left when that weasel was screaming “Win it for Wellstone” ( he continues to vex me by acting like a rational leader these last few weeks of his term).