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No Class


I still can’t get over the unutterable vulgarity of the Wellstone “memorial.” Remember all the kind, generous and genuine things Republicans and conservatives said about the dead Senator in the wake of his death? The surviving Wellstone children didn’t have the grace to welcome the Vice President to the memorial service, but you give them that. What you don’t concede to the Wellstone survivors is the right to turn a politically ecumenical memorial service, presumably something to which all Minnesotans and Washingtonians were invited to mourn, into a partisan political rally. Trent Lott and Jesse Ventura were right to leave after being insulted so gravely at such a solemn occasion. It’s perfectly understandable that Democrats would want to capitalize on sympathy for the dead Wellstone and build momentum for Mondale going into the election. But you do that at a rally after the memorial service. You don’t turn a commemoration of the dead into a get-out-the-vote event. I was moved nearly to tears by the grief Sen. Tom Harkin showed last week, as he doubled over in tears trying to make a statement before cameras on the day of Wellstone’s death. But with his performance yesterday, Harkin proved himself no statesman, simply a political hack. Even the NY Times in its coverage today said there were no tears at yesterday’s memorial service. I hope the Minnesota voters remember this insult on Election Day, and vote accordingly.


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