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Election ’02 FlashColeman Should Go On The Attack


I know it would be suicidal to go negative on Mondale, but why couldn’t he run an ad which said something like this:

“All Minnesotans, and all Americans, were saddened by the recent tragedy….But one of the things Paul Wellstone stood for most forcefully was fighting for what he believed in. He believed politics was about arguing and persuading. He stood against the idea that elections should simply be coronations of the powerful and the popular. Well, I agree with Paul on that. That is why I’m asking Walter Mondale to debate me. Now. Today. Mr. Mondale is an honorable public servant, but no man is entitled to a Senate seat without explaining his views. Paul understood that leadership is something you earn, not something you inherit. There isn’t much time. Please ask Walter Mondale to do the right thing. Thank you.”

If Mondale agrees to a debate, great. He would either have to run as his own man or he would constantly invoke Wellstone, which I think would backfire. But he probably wouldn’t debate and that would reinforce the idea that Mondale is either unready or underserving.


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