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Election ’02 Flash Smith & The Enemy


Senator Bob Smith sure wants to throw away a lifetime reputation as a conservative stalwart.  Ever since his ill-conceived independent run for the presidency, Senator Smith’s actions are hard to comprehend.  After returning back to the Republican fold (this following his blasting his once and future colleagues on the Senate floor) and ascending to the chair of the Environment & Public Works Committee, he all of sudden becomes “green.”  His League of Conservation Voters rating changes nearly 180 degrees–he went from a zero rating in 2000 to being an ‘honorable mention” for legislator of the year in 2002.

Now following his primary loss to Representative John Sununu, Smith has refused to campaign with the GOP nominee.  Indeed, he has quietly encouraged both a write-in campaign for him, or to vote for the Democratic nominee, Governor Jean Shaheen.  The number of Smith defectors may be more than enough to deny Sununu victory in this very close race. While accurate estimates are difficult to come by, new Hampshire operatives believe that as many as 25% of Smith primary voters could decline to vote for Sununu.

The White House is aware of the situations and political aides have offered Smith a number of enticements, all to no avail.

How bizarre would it be if this staunchly pro-life advocate’s personal pique denies the Republicans the Senate; thus preventing pro-life judges the ability to take their places on the bench.


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