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From Rick Brookhiser


“Dear Rich,

So if we’re doing favorite moments in other sports, let me nominate the most dominating performance by an athlete I have ever seen–by an equine athlete, as it happens–Secretariat’s win of the Belmont Stakes. Thirty lengths? Maybe more? It looked like the other nags had just stopped. He may still hold the time record for that race.

Back to baseball, the late Stephen Jay Gould wrote a learned article for The New York Review of Books arguing that DiMaggio’s streak has a uniqueness among all baseball records. It is possible, apparently, to calculate the odds of each incremental game in a hitting streak, versus the odds of each season or lifetime home runs or hits, incremental points in batting averages or ERAs, etc., and Gould argued that DiMaggio’s streak is not just impressive, or unlikely, but freakishly so. I do not understand the math (and I don’t want to be instructed). A simple yes or no from the wearers of pocket protectors in the Corner will suffice. –Rick”