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Election ’02 FlashIt’s All About Abortion



“In a matter of days we could lose the only thing that stands between George W. Bush and his determination to overturn the right to safe, legal abortion — the United States Senate. Our rights are threatened as they haven’t been for thirty years, and our only hope is to elect United States Senators who will stand with us. Our opposition is on the attack, some of our best friends are in trouble, and the time to act is now. Already we have lost a stalwart champion, Sen. Paul Wellstone, and this devastating loss makes it even more important that we win every other race by a decisive margin.

NOW is using every resource of our unparalleled grassroots network of volunteers to mobilize voters who favor reproductive rights. There are four key races, each too close too call, where a handful of votes could make all the difference. We have targeted those states for special efforts, but we need your help for the last Get Out the Vote push. Take a minute to respond NOW — it could make all the difference.”


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