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Ouch—Good Angels’ Moments


The last of my excessive “moments” posts.

E-mail: “Since you asked, other than the entire month of October 2002 my greatest Angel moment was a three game series sweep in Anaheim against your defending champion Yankees in 1979 while the Angels were on their way to their first division title ever.

Game one was a nationally televised affair with Nolan Ryan flirting with a no hitter before Reggie Jackson broke it up with a late single. Game two the Angels rallied from a 6-0 deficit to win 8-7 thanks to a Don Baylor blast that hit the foul pole. To cap the weekend, Bobby Grich hit a two-run, two-out home run in the ninth to win game three, 5-4.

Yes, 23 years is a long time between memorable moments.”


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