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Election ’02 Flash Bush Works in New Hampshire


The president’s appearance in New Hampshire may be enough to put Sununu over the top.  New Hampshire political insiders say that the undecideds left in the Senate race give a lopsided favorability rating to Bush and his personal plea for Sununu will hold significant sway for many of these people.  Senator Bob Smith was not present at the event in Portsmith, but his chief of staff has issued a statement saying that Smith disavows the write-in effort on his behalf.  However, without a personal appearance, Smith’s supporters may ignore such a statement.
Craig Benson, the GOP nominee for governor, seems well ahead, in one poll he leads by double digits.  Unfortunately for Sununu, many of his policy positions are closer to Shaheen’s than Sununu’s.  Thus, the tycoon’s GOTV effort will have little help for the GOP senate candidate.  The old Sununu machine, controlled which was controlled by his father, is largely a thing of the past and so Sununu will have to rely upon the Gregg (Judd, the present senator is the latest of a line of Greggs to hold state-wide office in New Hampshire) machine to put him over the top.


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