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What? When did we cave to Canada? Was I napping? WHY? I just read this in CAIR’s daily e-mail:
U.S. Must Make Good On Assurances And Resolve Arar Case, Says CAIR-Can
(Ottawa, Canada – 10/31/02) – A national Canadian advocacy organization
today commended the Canadian government’s efforts in securing recent
assurances from U.S. authorities that Canadian citizens born in several
Middle East and North African countries will not be fingerprinted and
photographed upon entry into the United States.

Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham stated today that he had received the
assurances from US Ambassador Paul Cellucci.

In a statement released this afternoon, CAIR-CAN wrote:
“The Canadian government’s vocal protest against discriminatory US
requirements has been admirable and has, it appears, secured a rescinding
of the US law for Canadian citizens.

“Our government must continue to press the US to make good on its promise
and ensure that Canadians are not racially profiled or denied their
fundamental liberties in traveling to or through the US.

“We call on Mr. Graham to insist that the US government resolves the issue
of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who was illegally and inhumanely deported
by the US to Jordan in early October.”

The issue of the United States’ discriminatory treatment of Canadian
citizens born in selected Muslim countries came to public attention through
CAIR-CAN’s work on behalf of the Arar family.

CAIR-CAN also praised the diligent efforts of NDP leader Alexa McDonough
and Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark as playing a significant role
in securing the US assurances.


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