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A Canadian’s Plea


A reader from the north writes: “Once again our government has chosen appeasement over common sense, and our uniquely obnoxious PM (who still refuses to list Hezbollah as a terrorist org, for heaven’s sake) has found yet another way to spit in the eye of the Americans who defend us.  Please, please, just shut down the border completely!  We need your commerce and support far more than you need ours.  Canada is well on its way to becoming a replica of the surrender monkeys to the East…why W. and his team cares a rotten fig about the opinions of a bunch of pusillanimous pale Canucks is beyond me.

PS Please sponsor me for refugee status.  It’s almost as bad here as in Cuba; don’t believe me?  13 farmers went to jail yesterday for selling their grain independently, instead of going through the government monopoly.


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