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Election ’02 FlashWaiting Until January


While many states will not know the outcome of their elections on Wednesday because of court challenges, Vermont may not know the result of its gubernatorial election until its state legislature meets in January. The Vermont constitution requires that the state’s constitutional officers be elected with a majority, that is over 50%, rather than merely a plurality of the vote. All of the Green Mountain’s opinion polls show that both the Democrat Lt. Governor Douglas Racine and his GOP challenger James Douglas well below the majority threshold, with Racine holding a slight lead. Independent candidate Cornelius
Hogan registers in the high single digits and less than ten percent remain undecided.

While there is a great deal of talk in the press that the legislature should ratify the candidate with the most votes, their decision is made by secret ballot. The legislature has a nominal Republican tilt and in a vote which is shielded from the public, Douglas could lose the popular vote and still take the top office. Not that NRO readers should feel pleased at that prospect. James Douglas is, as James Jeffords was, a classic RINO, a Republican in Name Only.


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