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The latest field poll in the California gubernatorial race has Davis at 41 to
Simon at 34 percent, 8 percent to third parties and 14 percent undecided.

From Carla Marinucci’s San Francisco Chronicle article on the poll: “The latest survey shows that — clearly dissatisfied about their choices–voters will go to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots against one candidate, rather than in support of one.

Nearly 7 in 10 Simon supporters, for example, told pollsters their vote would
be more against Davis than for Simon. Two-thirds of Davis supporters say
their vote is for Davis, with 37 percent saying they are casting a vote
against Simon.”

By the way, three percent of likely voters say without being asked they won’t vote
for governor at all. According to the Marinucci piece, is this an
unprecedented high number of respondents admitting voluntarily that they will
skip the top of the ticket office.

Assuming, as many do, that Davis will win, how can he govern?


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