Not All Clear

by Stanley Kurtz

Once the election is over and the president can turn his full attention back to Iraq, he’s going to be facing a make or break moment. Amir Taheri makes it clear today, in his piece on NRO, that France’s Chirac is bound and determined to thwart an American invasion, with a U.N. veto if necessary. There are other problems with allies. The Saudi’s had said they would allow the U.S. to use their territory for an invasion if the U.N. approved a resolution. But the other day they backtracked and said that their territory could not be used. Take a look at a map. Basing in Kuwait alone is a serious problem for us. In The Threatening Storm Kenneth Pollack argues that an invasion of Iraq unable to use Iraqi territory is virtually unworkable. On top of that, the new quasi-Islamic government just elected in Turkey says that it will reluctantly aid America in an invasion, but only if the U.N. passes a resolution. Without the ability to use basing and territory in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, an American invasion would be on very shaky ground indeed.

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