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Election ’02 Flash Terry, Find a New Job


Drudge just posted sweet flashback: NBC’s Tim Russert: Now, you said in The New York Times last week, “Jeb Bush is gone.” You want to take those words back? McAuliffe: Of course not. I’ve very excited about what’s going on in Florida. Russert: He’s going to lose guaranteed? McAuliffe: Yep. That is why the president was down there yesterday for his 13th visit. People in Florida are energized. They’ve already started the early voting. And if you look at Broward and Dade counties, there are lines already, huge lines, people–record vote coming out in Florida… we are going to win Florida which is going to set us up, Tim, very nicely for 2004. (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” November 3, 2002)


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