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David Frum


Readers of NR and NRO are very lucky: David Frum has joined us as a contributing editor. He’ll write a column for the magazine–on the back page–and he’ll write a blog for NRO. David Frum, as our readers know, is one of the smartest, most imaginative, and most distinguished writers in all of conservativedom. He worked at the Wall Street Journal and wrote a string of books, the first of which was Dead Right, a sensation. He spent the first year of the GWB administration as a speechwriter in the White House. And he has just finished a book called The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush. I might mention, also, that David is married to the terrific writer Danielle Crittenden, and that they have a happy brood in Washington, D.C. As I said, good news for NR and NRO. Enjoy.


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