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Election ’02 Flash The Left Victimizes Itself


The Democrats’ secular sensibilities may have done them in. I seriously doubt that a memorial service for a conservative Republican under similar circumstances would have disinvited a Democratic vice president and turned into a political rally. The religious aspect of a conservative Republican memorial service–even one outside a church–-would have precluded that, just as respect for authority and a sense of patriotism would have made a slap at a sitting vice president unlikely in such a setting. The Wellstone rally was the “church of the Left” come to life. It’s partisanship was in pointed contrast to the generous comments of people from all parties about Senator Wellstone. You might also say that the rally was a bit like a college classroom, with a leftist sensibility simply assumed, and anyone not on the Left treated as an outsider or enemy. Living in a vacuum-sealed world of political self-righteousness, the Left is now a victim of its own cultural success.


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