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West Wing


It’s simply a badly written show now. It used to be sort of the entertainment version of the New York Times, infuriating but intelligent. Now, it’s like a DNC newsletter, dull, predictable and trite. Last night’s episode was simply tedious. Aaron Sorkin made the dubious decision to peg this season to the 2000 presidential race. Unfortunately that race is old news and the West Wing’s election has been thoroughly boring and arrogantly tendentious — a terrible combination. It’s also been increasingly unrealistic. The Vice President has been MIA and the electoral college was never mentioned. The idea that the President’s political staff wouldn’t care about such things is beyond implausible. For a while it seemed like West Wing had a chance to influence the political culture in a way favorable to Democrats, increasingly it looks like it will simply confirm the stereotypes about the Democratic Party: outdated, out-of-touch and too clever to be likable.


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