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Rod, there’s another danger to conservatives trying to get minority or diversity representation: they might start to believe it. College kids have a tendency to believe their own rhetoric. I don’t know much about these specific examples, but it is indisputably true that campus conservatives have a problem with self-ghettoizing themselves. They get out of college thinking that being a conservative is an identity politics thing — like being black, or gay or some such. That is bad for conservatives and makes it that much more difficult to get young people inside the institutions which need them. And, when they do make it into, say, the New York Times or Harvard or CBS news, they are dsignated as “conservative” journalists or professors or executives, i.e. their views can be discounted because “Joe’s just a conservative….” Meanwhile liberal journalists like Dan Rather are simply “journalists” and therefor more expert and more objective.

I’m all for conservatives being clever with campus politics, but it would be a shame if they start buing into the categorical thinking of the Left in the process.


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