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Le Stupid Party


A well-connected Republican friend from Cajunland tells me that most everybody’s excited about Suzie Terrell’s chances against Democrat Mary Landrieu, but it would be a mistake to get too confident. “Never underestimate the ability of the Louisiana Republican Party to screw things up,” he says. “There’s already lots of infighting and vanity. We’ve got a hundred little Sen. Bob Smiths running around here.” As if to underscore his point, the Louisiana papers today report that Mike Foster, the Republican governor, hasn’t yet endorsed Terrell (Foster supported Rep. John Cooksey in the general election; Cooksey came out yesterday for Terrell). Tony Perkins, a religious conservative and the other Republican in the general, hasn’t endorsed her either. Presumably, these Republicans want to beat Landrieu more than they want to nurse their grudges, or make the perfect the enemy of the good. So why aren’t they acting like it?