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Diversity Problems


Yes Jonah, I agree that diversity representation for conservatives is a bad idea, for all the reasons you state. And I don’t doubt that some conservatives are beginning to believe their own rhetoric. The Amherst conservatives seem to have split between those who keep saying that their point is that the whole diversity idea is wrong, and the ones who want a stronger and more persuasive case made for diversity representation. But having granted the stupidity of the whole idea of diversity representation for conservatives, or anyone else, I do think that there are benefits to this becoming an issue. It highlights the contradictions of the diversity idea, and throws a light on the lack of representation for conservative views at colleges at a time when the country itself is actually leaning a bit Republican. The whole issue is a huge embarrassment for the other side. On balance, it’s hard to say whether this amounts to a good trend or a bad one. But it may well be a trend. We report, you decide.