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What’s Happening in Alabama


Quin Hillyer sends this useful update from Alabama: Here’s the latest from the Florida-Lite ballot challenge in Alabama: Gov. Don Siegelman, playing Gore-Lite, is asking for a recount in all Alabama counties, with a MANUAL recount in heavily Republican Baldwin County where the computer glitch temporarily made AP think Siegelman had 6,000-plus votes more than he actually did.

His Baldwin claims are ludicrous: If Siegelman received as many votes in Baldwin as were originally reported, the total number of votes (more than 50,000) would have far exceeded the number of people who actually signed in at the polls (around 45,000) — and a town of, oh, about 800, where the computer glitch arose, would have had nearly 7,000 voters.

In short, the corrected numbers in Baldwin County, which put Siegelman down statewide by about 3,200 votes, are the only numbers that could possibly be accurate.

As for the rest of the state, the governor hasn’t specified a single alleged irregularity; he’s basically just fishing, and hoping some heavily Democratic counties can find a way to manufacture voters. He’s like M. Night Shamalayan’s Sixth Sense kid, seeing dead people voting in droves.

State law doesn’t provide for the kind of recount Siegelman wants, however — not without specified cause. But if he wants to be a real jerk, he can challenge all results in the heavily Democratic, heavily dishonest state Legislature, which can meet in January and declare a winner. For now, Siegelman’s camp says that’s out of the question… but don’t put anything past this guy.