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I’ve gotten a lot of response to today’s column on the Democrats’ dilemma. Let me clarify something. I am not predicting a McCain switch to the Democrats. On balance, I think it’s pretty unlikely, although no doubt some would like to see it happen. In the piece itself I even said that this “wild scenario” would probably never play out. Of course, a switch is possible. If anything, a McCain candidacy as an Independent is more likely. I highlighted the most spectacular scenario to make a point–that there’s no magical solution for the Democrats. Even a radical intervention by a hawkish centrist like McCain would founder on the underlying split on the war from which the party suffers. The radical scenario in the front of the piece was really a way of driving home the points in the second half of the piece. If you read it carefully, you’ll see that I say just that. So I don’t really think that the Democrats are about to retake the Senate. Rest easy.


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