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The thing you’re missing, possibly, is that Canada is growing ever more virulently antisemitic (or Jew-hating, to be precise). Synagogue burnings and cemetary desecrations have to date occurred in 4 of the 10 provinces. That jab at Asper is the Canadian version of the “Zionist conspiracy”; the only possible reason for a newspaper supporting Israel’s right to exist is of course if it belongs to the worldwide conspiracy of evil plotting Jews who are simultaneously controlling the banks and sponsoring the evils of Communism.

And the reason why so many Americans have favourable opinions about Canada? They don’t know how hostile, mediocre and irritating we are. You’re helping to change that, and it is my fond hope that this will eventually change us. Keep it up.

Helps explain this interesting email (titled “Why the Israelis are always crying”):

You people have the knack of pissing off the rest of the world without even trying. Maybe you should take a good look at yourselves and see why they predicted that Jews would be persecuted for 2000 years. It’s what you guys do. I bought a house from one and understand it fully. You can’t help it, you just are a bunch of unlikable people who try to screw everyone with whom you come in contact. Well, that’s fine, keep saying “we’re offended” which is what the rest of the world has been saying about your for centuries. Thank your God for the American armament!

Though, to be fair, I’ve found little evidence of anti-Semitism among the Canadian hate-mailers except of the variety usually found in some of our own lefty anti-war quarters.


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