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Be Careful What You Write


Today is proving to be a lesson in how closely people really do read NRO. I know that should be no revelation, but some days you need reminding. And boy have I gotten it today!

On Monday I posted an off little Corner item on my trip back from D.C. this weekend. I was a bit of a mess, with an overstuffed bag of papers and such and lost my ticket. The woman sitting next to me on the overstuffed train was very kind and turns out she is the author of a new book, so I wanted to plug it in case it was of interest to anyone reading NRO.

Well, I made a parenthetical remark about being a slow-poke getting one of those neat rolling suitcases everyone else on the Northeast corridor has, and, well, now I have one.

Jeff Dunn of the InGear Corporation sent me an InGear suitcase! Jeff Dunn, by the way, besides being a good guy, a smart capitalist, and a careful NRO reader, went to high school with our very own John J. Miller (I’ll have to follow up on that lead).

Thanks, Jeff Dunn and InGear.

And, I, of course, encourage readers to check out INGear and their online catalog.


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