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Annan Talks Against War


From CNN State Department Correspondent Andrea Koppel:

There is no consensus on how to interpret certain key language in the U.N. resolution on Iraq, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Wednesday. In particular, he singled out the potential trigger for war — an Iraqi “material breach” of the resolution.

“What are we going to designate as material breach? For some it will have to be substantial,” Annan said, referring to the Vienna Treaty of Laws.

He acknowledged that the United States is “seen to have a lower threshold,” something which he warned could be interpreted as “a flimsy or hasty attempt to go to war.” Concern that the United States would be quick to attack was among the reasons it took so long to get a resolution approved by the council, he said.

Annan, who is to meet with President Bush Wednesday afternoon, said his message to the Bush administration is of the need to be “patient and give inspectors time to do their work.”


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