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Pelosi The Hawk


I’m working on a column on how Dems supported Clinton’s interventions in the 1990s, but oppose going to Iraq now. Here’s the opening, fyi:

“The rap on Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco liberal set to become the new leader of House Democrats, is that she’s too dovish to lead her party against President Bush during a time of war.

The rap is wrong. Pelosi, a bright and talented politician, is no peacenik. In fact, she’s practically an imperialist.

She supports the U.S. attacking countries that represent no threat to it. She supports the U.S. imposing its will on smaller neighboring countries. She supports the U.S. cajoling and bullying its allies to bend them to its will. She supports bombing civilian targets to get recalcitrant regimes to do what the U.S. wants. She supports the U.S. tutoring backwards parts of the world in “civilized behavior.” Finally, she supports the long-term occupation of foreign lands after the U.S. has vanquished its enemies…”


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