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Iraq Was Involved in Helping Al-Qaeda Get Chem Weapons


Don’t take my word for it. It’s Clintonites who insist that it’s so. Here’s the passage from Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon’s book The Age of Sacred Terror, wherein the Clinton NSC staffers justify Clinton’s controversial missile strike against el-Shifa, that Sudanese chemical plant:

“Others contended that to have analyzed the soil sample at just one laboratory was shoddy science and that EMPTA, a chemical found in it, could hypothetically have been a derivative of pesticide production. But the CIA’s analysis, which reporters were given on August 24, showed that EMPTA had no commercial use anywhere in the world. This conclusion was never refuted; it was also widely
ignored. Officials who spoke with reporters also noted that Iraqi weapons scientists had been linked to al-Shifa, and this Iraqi connection was independently underscored by UN weapons inspectors.

There are several different methods for making VX [the chemical that the Clinton administration believed was being manufactured at al-Shifa], but the only one known to involve EMPTA is Iraq’s.”