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Political Conventions


Allison Hayward writes: I noticed your question on the Corner about conventions. Conventions could bite the dust if certain reforms, like makiing host committees act like political committees, and doing away with the federal subsidy, were enacted. Oh, Prohibition would have an effect, since the real purpose behind a convention seems to be to drink like a fish.

I saw this in the article you linked:

“Tampa’s weakest link may be its lack of a compact area filled with hotels. Delegates like to walk or take an easy shuttle from their hotels to the convention. Hotels for a Tampa convention would be spread across several counties. Some of the best sites are on the Pinellas beaches, 30-50 minutes away. But Philadelphia and Los Angeles relied heavily on shuttle buses in 2000 to move delegates between hotels and the main arenas.”

Yeah, but the buses give protesters an easy target to harass, and they were a pain even though I think the city did its best in Philly. The problem is not so much hotel to arena transportation, but hotel to hotel as people stagger from one party to the next.

The one place that has the facilities to run a proper national party convention is Las Vegas, but that’s not going to happen.