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Bashing Dershowitz


A Muslim lawyers group affiliated with CAIR is petitioning the board of governors of the Massachusetts Bar to discipline Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz for proposing, in response to suicide bombings, the demolition of entire Palestinian villages known to harbor terrorists. The idea is that collective punishment is forbidden under treaties to which the United States is a signatory, and therefore Dershowitz is encouraging lawbreaking. One of the Muslim lawyers pursuing this action told reporters this morning: “When you are advocating outright violence against what could potentially be a tremendous number of innocent civilians, then the time comes when one must take responsibility for what they [sic] are saying. …Those of us who are members of this profession have certain responsibilities in conducting ourselves, in how we act and especially in how we speak. … Here, the advocacy of out and out violence against potentially numerous innocent people is, with all due respect, something lawyers have a duty to prevent.” Can anybody come up with examples of lawyers practicing in the United States who have advocated illegal violence on behalf of Muslim goals? Write me at [email protected]


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