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Re: Potency


Jonathan, I think I conceded some of that point already, and I do want to apologize for forcing you into a drug argument when you didn’t really want to get into one.

And, to all of those folks who’ve emailed me about the social costs of keeping the Drug War going, I hear you. I wasn’t trying to deny that there are social costs to the drug war. I was making a different point. If you are willing to say that consigning X percent of Americans, many of them children, to the perpetual slavery of narcotic addiction because it’s not worth the costs to society to prevent it, I can respect that intellectually even if I disagree with it. What I cannot respect are the people who say there will be no negative consequences to a drug war surrender (I am not referring to Jonathan or NR generally here). There are simply some people — mostly overly ideological college kids and certain breeds of libertarians — who argue that if something is ideologically right, there cannot be anything wrong about it. That’s childish and it perturbs me when I hear it.

Anyway, I could argue about this all day, but that’s not what Jonathan was looking for so I will wait for Ramesh and Rich to come back from their cruise so I can yell at them. Unless, that is, Jon wants to keep going.


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