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Bosnian Muslims


A friend of mine who served with the U.S. military in Bosnia has nothing but good things to say about the Bosnian Muslims. A reader backs him up: “I spent a year (1999) in the eastern Bosnia town of Gorazde as a member of the peacekeeping mission. This Muslim town was both welcoming and friendly towards Americans. They had a keen appreciation of American foreign policy, having been saved in 1995 by US jets . Many times people would spot the Flag on my shoulder and thank me profusely. ‘F-16, Boom boom!’ as one old man put it. Several of the people whom I got to know told me that the US was the only reason they were alive. Europeans were noted mostly as people who sat around and watched the Serbs work. Dutch couldn’t even get served in many places. As far as Islamic countries went, they told me that there was lots of money for rebuilding mosques but nothing else. They absolutely bristled at being compared to middle easteners. It’s terribly sad for me to read about all the strife around the world, because I really enjoyed the hospitality of that little town. Not every Muslim is our enemy and I think that is a message that ought to get out more.”


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