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Farhan Memon, spokesman for the Muslim Legal Defence & Educational Fund, sends this response to my piece today: “Mr. Dreher has misinterpreted our point regarding the number of casualties among minors in this conflict. We said, ‘Islam forbids the taking of any innocent life and we abhor and disavow any action by any party in this conflict that indiscriminately targets non combatants. Children have paid a heavy toll in this conflict. According to the Israeli Human Rights group B’Tselem since the beginning of the 2nd Intifada in September 200 approximately 78 Israelis under 18 have been killed by Palestinians and 293 Palestinians under 18 have been killed by Israelis. It is with this senseless death toll in mind that we have filed a complaint with the Mass of Board of Bar Overseers against Alan Dershowitz. There is enough death created by those in the region, [to dissuade] someone from advocating the wholesale destruction of villages, but this is what Prof. Dershowitz is suggesting.’ In citing the above statistics we are not saying that one child’s death is worth more or less than another child’s death. Simply that there have been too many children that have died in this conflict on all sides. Additionally while there have undoubtedly been some Palestinian children who have died whilst throwing rocks there have been many others who have died as a result of being indiscriminately shot by the Israeli Army according to B’Tselem. Simply put it is in circumstances such as this that we find Prof. Dershowitz’s advice as putting more fuel on the fire.”


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