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Twilight Zone


A belief in alien abduction must rank as one of the stupider credos even in mankind’s long – and depressing – collection of superstitions. Expect it to gain a boost from a new Spielberg-produced show, Taken, set for the Sci-Fi channel in December and discussed in today’s New York Times. There’s an, ahem, enlightening quote from John Mack, the Harvard Medical School professor briefly famous for having appeared to embrace the notion of alien abduction back in the early 1990s. The writer of the piece notes that Dr. Mack has backed off from saucer and probe narratives of abduction (to be fair, he did so a long time ago), and then allows Mack speak for himself.

“…I believe these people have encountered some kind of intelligence by an opening of consciousness to a whole other level of reality. Philosophers are starting to think of a third zone – some kind of intermediate reality – that enters this reality. They are having an experience that is experientially real but the beings are not necessarily physically or materially real…”

So that’s all clear now.


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