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Zogby to Lowry—Don’T Quote Jews!


Was on Fox & Friends this A.M. with James Zogby. I obviously don’t agree with him much, but I’ve always considered him a pretty serious guy. Maybe I should re-evaluate. We were talking about the Saudis and he attacked a piece I wrote about them earlier this year, not on any factual basis or even for an analytical mistakes, but because I quoted Joshua Teitelbaum of Tel Aviv University. Hmm. I’ve quoted lots of people in my various pieces on Saudi Arabia. What makes this expert so noteworthy in particular? I think we can all do this math: Teitelbaum + Tel Aviv = Jew. I guess Zogby thinks Jews—or is it just Israeli Jews? (he didn’t elaborate)–can’t have legitimate opinions about Saudi Arabia. Worse, if one of them is even quoted in a piece it creates a stain that makes the entire argument illegitimate. Either that, or he was just at a loss for anything better to say in defense of the Saudi monarchy…