No Party Line

by James S. Robbins

A reader takes umbrage with my piece today — “Don’t you NRO guys read each other’s pieces? No sooner had I left Rich Lowry’s syndicated piece on why we can never be rid of dependency on Saudi Oil (because it is the lowest cost producer) than I click on your piece on how we have to rid ourselves of dependency on Saudi Oil.” Well I never miss a Rich Lowry column, that’s a fact, but I hope readers don’t think that NRO has a single line or strict message control of Democratic Party proportions. (The oil issue is definitely debatable — c.f. “Defeating the Oil Weapon” by R. James Woolsey in the September 2002 Commentary.) I was reminded of the old satirical Socialist song, “The Good Old Party Line”:
Well, they call it that old Party Line,
And for them that adheres to it it’s fine
It’s not very static,
It’s extremely acrobatic
Read the Worker and get the Party Line.

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