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Rice’s Role


There’s this Rice for Veep talk. Bob Novak, as Drudge reports, has dismissed talk that she’ll run for office, but I might be willing to put my money with Bill Kristol on her as vice president. The president has made clear Cheney is his man in ‘04, and I believe him. But a scenario where Cheney decides he wants to return to quasi-private life and Rice steps in would not shock me.

At the end of the day, it probably would not happen. Her role behind the scenes is probably more vital than anything she could provide in the veep role. But then, too, the role is up to the president and the vice president to define with each administration to some extent, and she is a brilliant, attractive, southern, black, woman. So, who know. It’s a long time till November ‘04. A great deal will happen between turkey tomorrow and election-night turkeys.


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