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Turkey Day Postmortem


Well, Your Working Boy survived, though it looked dicey there at one point. One should never go from a low-carb diet to Mammaw’s Cornbread Dressing without a few days to ramp up the system. Lord have mercy, but was that stuff good! Yet I had to stagger away from the table, nodding in a heroin-like fugue state, and deposit myself in a vacant bedroom to sleep off the rush. Woke up, then had an obscene slab of Mammaw’s Pecan Pie, bookended by Mammaw’s Coconut Cake and Mammaw’s Chocolate Pie (the more Mammaw-y the Thanksgiving, the better for all concerned). Now that Your Working Boy’s valve is gyrating wildly out of control, there’s nothing to be done except eat mulch and nothing but from here to Epiphany.


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