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Well, nobody is else posting much in the Corner, so I’ll waste your time with something completely useless (as distinct from those mostly useless things I post). The other day, while out of town visiting relatives for Thanksgiving, I forced Mrs. D. to go with me to the local Saab dealership and test-drive a 9-3 Sedan. Regular Corner readers know I’ve been jonesing after a Saab after driving a friend’s 9-3 convertible this summer. Anyway, Mrs. D. had to admit after a spin behind the wheel that yes sir, them Swedes engineer a pretty fantastic machine. What I want to know is: How come the consumer review sites, where average joes write their reviews, vary so wildly in their opinions of Saabs? Seems like 85 percent of Saab reviewers speak of the cars as if they were chariots of the gods, while the others write of Saabs as absolute lemons. Where’s the middle ground? Why does this happen? Is this normal with cars (I don’t know much about cars), or is this peculiar to Saabs? It’s a fairly moot point with me, because we can’t afford a Saab, but hey, in the event that I win a portion of a class action settlement from the lard asses suing McDonald’s, I wanna know. (And by the way, Saabs come with seats that radiate heat and turn your big fat butt into butter.)


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