Growing Peace Movement

by Jonah Goldberg

The lead story in the Washington Post this morning is headlined, “Antiwar Effort Gains Momentum” and profiles “Mothers Against War,” a group led by a “retired Hampshire College drama teacher,” named Daphne Reed. Ms. Reed, the Post reports, “e-mailed about 15 parents in her address book. Reed reached people such as Elaine Kenseth, whose five children include a son she adopted from the killing fields of Cambodia. Aileen O’Donnell, a veteran of the women’s movement. Joanne and Roger Lind, whose son was a Vietnam War conscientious objector. And Elizabeth Verrill, who had never been involved in political causes. Before long, Mothers Against War had 50 core members, and thousands of supporters around the country and the world.”

Um, call me crazy, but this doesn’t exactly sound like a swath of people ripped from the American heartland.

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