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Notes Like These Warm My Heart


I read your daily entreaties to subscribe to NR and I am despondent that I
am the proximate cause of the poor heating conditions in your office and, no
doubt, the sole reason you eat only canned tuna as opposed to the more
pricey, fresh fish. The latter is quite good, incidentally, when prepared
with cajun herbs and spices.

The reason I have resisted subscribing as a result of your outstanding
efforts is that I am a long-time subscriber to NR. Indeed even before
subscribing, I bought it off the newstand– back when they newstands still
existed and when I was in college and when it infrequently appeared– the
1960s. Then, I did not have the enormous sum necessary to subscribe.

All of which, together with the fact that I have no idea what to do with
two fortnightly copies of NR, leads me to offer this explanation of why I
have not succumbed to your entertaining reasons for me to do so.

I enjoy your reasons for subscribing almost as much as I enjoy watching
Jonah Goldberg being flogged for not meeting deadlines. Please do not cease
publishing either.


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