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Note to Nro Tech Guys--Mufti Ok’S Cyber Terrorism


“(WASHINGTON DC) December 2, 2002.. The Saudi Information Agency has obtained a fatwa approving cyber terrorism issued by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al-Alshaikh, the highest official cleric in the country.

The mufti, who enjoys a position of a minister, published the fatwa in the government financed religious magazine Al-Dawa, headquartered in Riyadh. Al-Alshaikh also heads of the official Council of Senior Religious Scholars.

Following the fatwa numerous Saudi hackers started to attack many websites that included the FBI and Pentagon websites, according to a hacker interviewed by Al-Riyadh newspaper September 5, 2001. The hacker told the paper he attacked over 1000 websites in the USA. Attacked websites included:,, and

The Fatwa

Question: If there were websites on the internet that are hostile to Islam, and broadcast immoral materials. Is it permissible for me to send it viruses to disable these websites and destroy it?

Abdul Aziz Saleh Al-Morashid – Erqa

Answer: If these websites are hostile to Islam and you could encounter its evilness with goodness; And to respond to it, refute its falsehood, and show its void content; that would be the best option. But if you are unable to respond to it, and you wanted to destroy it and you have the ability to do so, its ok to destroy it because it is an evil website.

Source: AlDaawa Magazin, issue 1741, May 11, 2000.”