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The Abc’s of Media Bias


Here is a story from ABC News about a California cross-dressing teenager who had sex with three men at a party, whereupon they discovered she was a he, then allegedly killed him. Awful crime. ABC ends the story by giving information on where you can donate money to a memorial fund in memory of the slain drag queen. Fine, but how many other murder victims get this kind of advocacy treatment from the media? Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Mary Stachowicz remains in the grave, unmourned by the compassionate folks at ABC. She was the alleged victim of a gay man who reportedly told police he pummeled, stabbed and strangled Stachowicz, a devout Christian, because she asked him why he slept with men. ABC doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about her. Has Fox aired anything on this murder? Doesn’t Mary Stachowicz’s murder count for something, or is a 51-year-old working-class Polish Catholic woman Not Our Sort, Dear? I’m sorry to go on about this, but it’s really bothering me.


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