by Jonah Goldberg

I know lots of us disengaged from the news cycle over Thanksgiving, but isn’t this story worth a second news bounce? Not only is one of our weapons inspectors inexperienced he’s also the sort of guy who, if given a choice, would pass on being tickled with a feather in favor of being tickled by the whole chicken. From the Washington Post:

An Internet search of open Web sites conducted by The Washington Post found that McGeorge is the co-founder and past president of Black Rose, a Washington-area pansexual S&M group, and the former chairman of the board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He is also a founding officer of the Leather Leadership Conference Inc., which “produces training sessions for current and potential leaders of the sadomasochism/leather/fetish community,” according to its Web site. Several Web sites describe McGeorge’s training seminars, which involve various acts conducted with knives and ropes.

Apparently this guy was picked, without a background check, over many better qualified inspectors who’d been “deemed too aggressive in their disarmament searches.”

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