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Leftist cartoonist Ted Rall is interviewed in yesterday’s edition of the Columbia Daily Spectator, a paper published “for the Columbia University Community”.

In response to a question as to whether the war in Afghanistan had anything to do with the terrorist attacks, Rall reportedly replied as follows:

Rall: “[The war in Afghanistan] certainly followed the World Trade Center attacks. And Al Qaeda certainly had bases in Afghanistan, as well as other hard-line Islamist groups like the Islamist Movement of Uzbekistan. But Afghanistan was just a sideshow to what happened on Sept. 11. The truth is the guys who pulled this off were all Egyptians and Saudis. There is certainly no evidence whatsoever that ties Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban to what happened.”

Interviewer: Really? Isn’t it taken for granted at this point that all these three entities were involved?

Rall: “No, seriously …. Look at The Guardian. Look at a lot of mainline European media.”

No further comment necessary.


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