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They Never Learn


Despite New York Times staffers complaining (anonymously, to Newsweek) about the credibility-wasting agenda driving the paper’s coverage of the Augusta National Golf Club, Howell Raines is unperturbed. This is the first paragraph of a front page account today: “A longtime member of Augusta National Golf Club said he had resigned from the club to protest its refusal to admit a woman as a member. He is the only one of Augusta’s 300 or so members to have resigned over the issue.” (The front page notice directs the reader to the sports pages for the full story). Notice something? Two hundred and ninety-nine members — 99.6 percent of the membership — have not resigned. Yet the Times makes a front-page issue of it. Brent Bozell, Bernard Goldberg and Reed Irvine couldn’t make this stuff up on their best day.


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