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Kerry Flips On Wag


Occasional NRO contributor Andrew Breitbart points out that Kerry has done a flip-flop on “Wag the Dog.” Today, according to the WashPost, he charged that “President Bush has used the threat of war in Iraq to distract attention from the nation’s economic problems, and he promised to make those issues the centerpiece of his campaign.

’They sat down in August and made a conscious decision to bring that up and to dominate the discussion with Iraq,’ the Massachusetts senator said in a speech to the City Club of Cleveland.”

Hmmmm. But here’s Kerry on June 23—yes, that would be June the month that traditionally falls two months before August–on “Meet The Press”:

“MR. RUSSERT: Saddam Hussein–Do you believe that the president should get authorization–authorization–from Congress to embark on a military campaign against Iraq?

SEN. KERRY: Absolutely.

MR. RUSSERT: And you would support it?

SEN. KERRY: It would depend on precisely what the evidence at that time is and what the strategy is going to be. But, in principle, yes; I believe Saddam Hussein is a problem. But I think there are a number of things that we could do and can do now. I think the president has actually initiated some of them. I’m reading in the newspapers about covert activities. I think we can achieve a certain amount through that. When I was in the Middle East recently, I was struck by the intelligence assessments in that region about the potential for covert activities, and I think we should pursue those.”


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