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History & Fukuyama


Francis Fukuyama recently published an important piece, along with Nadav Samin, called “Can Any Good Come of Radical Islam?” While the piece overtly dealt with the Islamist phenomenon, it’s sub-text was a defense of Fukuyama’s book, The End of History. Essentially, Fukuyama argued in this piece that the world is moving toward democracy and capitalism, even if radical Islam appears to be pushing in the opposite direction. Now, Commentary, where the piece originally appeared, has published a symposium with critiques of the piece, and responses by Fukuyama and Samin. I am one of the participants, as is Martin Kramer. Essentially, my tangle with Fukuyama here is a direct debate over the larger critique I lay out in my piece on Fukuyama/Huntington dispute, “The Future of History.”


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