Kerry On The Death Penalty

by Jonah Goldberg

Last Sunday, John Kerry announced he was running for president on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” Next week he’ll announce bears crap in the woods. Anyway, he once again reiterated his bizarre position on the death penalty. Here’s what he said:

SEN. KERRY: I’m opposed to the death penalty in the criminal justice system because I think it’s applied unfairly…and because I’m for a worse punishment. I think it is worse to take somebody and put them in a small cell for the rest of their life, deprived of their freedom, never to be paroled. Now, I think that’s tougher. Let me just finish.

MR. RUSSERT: But, Senator, why shouldn’t Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Oklahoma building, or if John Muhammad is convicted of being a sniper here in Washington–why shouldn’t they receive the death penalty?

SEN. KERRY: Tim, I think that, as I said, you know, different people have different opinions about what’s worse. I’ve seen people die and I know what it’s like to almost die. I don’t think that–you know, dying is scary for a while, but in the end, the punishment is gone. When you’re alive and you’re deprived of your freedom each day and you’re in tough circumstances–and I’m talking about tough circumstances. I’m not talking about some cushy situation where they live off the fat of the land in prison. I’m talking about tough. But if you’re deprived of that freedom for the rest of your living days until God decides to take you, you know, that is tough, my friend, and I think that plenty of people think that. Now, I don’t think it is right to have a criminal justice system that kills innocent people….

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